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Англійська мова 8 клас
[ Скачать с сервера (20.0 Kb) ] 04.04.2017, 14:16
Конспект открытого урока учителя английского языка Козловской Т. Н.

Тема: FreeTime
Цели: 1)обеспечить в ходе урока усвоение лексического материала по теме, создать условия для отработки навыков говорения и восприятия речи на слух;
2)развивать умение сопоставлять, делать выводы, развивать внимание;
3)развивать культуру взаимоотношений при работе в группе, повышать уровень мотивации на уроке через средства обучения.
Today we are going to talk about free time, your free time. We’ll speak about our leisure activities. Our lesson is not usual, we have some guests today.
Lets speak about some rules of today’s lesson.
The Rules:
1.Speak English.
2.Be active.
3.Speak loudly. ( Do you agree with them?)
Howareyou?(использовать образец ответа).
Everyone has his/her own hobby. And we like and dislike some things. Now I want to say about my “ like/ dislike”. Youhavetosay“ like/ dislike”( поднятьилиопуститьбольшойпалец ).
1.Ilike watching interesting films! You…
2.I like reading books! You…

3.I like growing flowers! You…
4.I like sleeping! You…
5.I like cleaning my house! You…
6.I don’t like playing computer games! You…
7.I don’t like washing the dishes! You…
8.I don’t like cooking! You…
So, we both like….( P1, P2). And we both dislike…(P1..)
Now we’ll speak about the most popular hobbies. So, you like watching films. What films have you seen recently? Some pupils prepared a scene from a very popular film. Try to guess this film.
Dialogue( Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson)
- Good afternoon!
- Good afternoon!
- How are you?
- I’m fine, thank you!
- What are you going to do?
- Many people write to me ( because I’m the great detective) asking for help. I have no less than one letter a week. Some of those people who write really believe that I’ll help them!
- Oh, What are these letters about?
- Some people ask me for my photo. Some letters are sent as a joke. Children ask me to find their lost dogs and other things.
- So, finding lost things is your hobby?
- Yes, I can’t imagine my life without it!
- Oh, please give me your autograph!
Name this film. Have you seen it? Did you like it?
5. Quest. (computer game)

I see, you like playing computer games. Try to imagine that we are in a computer game. Do you know what quest is It is….So, I’ll give you some keys you ‘ll try to find them.
1)It’s a furniture. You use it now. But I do not. Our guest use it now.( chair) Look and find this thing under one of your chairs. (headphones). What is this hobby? ( listening to music)
2)Look and read these words: mouse, flower, guitar. What do we have in our classroom? (flower) Find smth there. It’s a book of Harry Potter. What is this hobby? (reading)

3)What is the odd word: chair, sofa, arm-chair, table. (table) It’s the boss in this room. It’s a ball What is this hobby? ( sport)
Who likes listening to music? Stand up ,please. It’ll be the first group.
Who likes reading? It’ll be the second group.
Who likes sport? It’ll be the third group.
Write some sentences about: try to argue other groups why they need to interest in this hobby.
Thank you, it was interesting for me. May be I’ll interested in sport. And what about you? Whose way of spending free time you find the most useful?
They say that the busiest man find the most leisure.
Look at the screen . You can see a man there. He is very famous. Do you know him? Who is he? ( Bill Gates, computer wizard)
Would you like to know about his free time? Then read the text and write out 5 word combinations which mean “ увлекаться”.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates a very busy man. But he likes doing a lot of things. First, he is keen on travelling. Second, he interested in playing golf and discussing the latest news in
computing. Then, he is crazy about flying a delta plane. And he is fond of extreme sports. He is never bored with riding a snowboard.
Answer the questions:
1)Is B. Gates keen on travelling?
2)Is he interested in playing golf?
3)Is he interested in discussing computer news?
4)Is he crazy about flying a delta plane?

5)Is he fond of extreme sports?
6)Is he bored with riding a snowboard?
Are you alike with Bill Gates?
Say: I’m fond of…
I’m interested in….
I’m crazy about…
I’m keen on…
I’m never bored with…

8. H/w : Write 10 sentences about your hobby using these word combinations.
9. Итоги.
Our best friend is our hobby. Do you agree with it?

Did we follow rules?
Can we say that our lesson was successful?
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